1. My passion is go painting.

2. Although I usually get up at 6:00 in the morning, but I am not sleeply.

3. My teacher told me that never give up it.

4. Suffer is the most powerful teacher of life.

5.Sweat is the lubricant of successful.


How to make Macarons

Today, I would like to teach somebody how to make Macarons.

Firstly, wash your hands and the pot.

Secondly, mix suger and almond powder together.

Thirdly, throw your cat out from the pot.

Then, wash your hands and the pot.

Next, mix suger and almond powder together.

After that, throw your cat out from the pot again.

Finally, go out and buy some  Macarons from the dessert store.

The cooking class is over. Thank you.


  My passion is painting. I have learned painting for 8 years. When I studied at middle school, my mother hoped me the painting can help me entrance a better high school. I got up 6 a.m. every morning. I usually draw pictures for 4 hours every day. Now, I am studing at Canada, I think shortage of tools is the biggest challenge for me. I can not buy some painting tools in there,like some special  brushes.

I never give up my hobby, this is my passion.  


  Hey, my name is Ke Xu, you can call me Amanda in the class. I come from Hebei, I live with my roommate in Burnaby now. I am only child in my family. I am 22 years old. I graduated from Neimenggu University.

  I will study financial in BCIT, thought my dream job is animal doctor.

  My favourite place in Vancouver is Kitsilano. There has two parks, Jericho Beach Park and Kitsilano Beach Park. I usually play with my dog at there in summer. I also like Lona Park in richmond, there has a long road which I love. I usually go to there watch sunset.